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Phortehp Bing : I normally do not leave reviews on products, but since Amazon reviews have helped me with so many buying decisions…I figured I should return the favor! And it is my pleasure to do so for this item! These are so well made and so so so adorable! The jerseys even have an official NFL tags on the top and bottom sides. I ordered these so that they can match us when we wear our jerseys on Thanksgiving. We ordered our jerseys from the NFL store and theirs look better than our lol. I purchased 2 of these, 1 for my 12 lb poodle/terrier and 1 for my 8 lb Maltese. The Maltese usually wears a small and the poodle/terrier usually wears a medium but I ordered a medium for them both and they fit PERFECT! GREAT BUY!!!!

Kapila Rathnayaka : Great product and quick delivery.

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